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Because mums also like to wear cloth comfortably...

This washable Period Pad from Fluffy Nature has a pleasantly soft top layer of bamboo towelling. The outside has a waterproof polyurethane layer so that leaks are prevented.

You attach them easily with the wings via a press stud around your slip.

S (panty hose): approx 20 cm long
M: (light menstruation): approx 22.5 cm long
L (normal menstruation): approx 27.5 cm long
XL (night): approx 32,5 cm long

Packaging: 3 pieces

If you buy enough washable pads, you can wash them together at the end of your period and therefore only need to wash them once per period. A package that is sufficient for most people:
- 2 packs M (2x3=6 bandages)
- 4 packs L (4x3=12 bandages)
- 2 packets XL (2x3=6 bandages)
Size S is used outside your period, as a panty liner.

Inner layer: 80% bamboo towelling, 20% polyester
Mid layers: 100% polyester
Outer layer: 100% polyester with waterproof polyurethane layer

Size S and size M have 2 middle layers, size L and XL have 3 middle layers.

Soak the used pads in COLD water or rinse them with cold water.
Then keep them in a laundry bag or leave them in cold water until you wash them.
Then wash them at 60°C.
Do not use a tumble dryer, air dry.

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