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Fluffy Nature Preflat: a user-friendly alternative for the traditional prefold.

A Preflat is a kind of prefold, only easier to use and a better fit for your child: in fact it's a prefold with "ears"

The Fluffy Nature Preflat consists of 1 layer of printed cotton and 3 layers of bamboo. Thanks to the ears, it is easy to fold and fits better and longer than a traditional prefold. You can fold them in different ways.

You can fold them around your child an close withe a Snappi or Nappi-Nippa (not included). To create extra absorption capacity, you can add extra inserts yourself. (after step 3 in the folding instruction, see pictures.

The preflat needs a waterproof cover.

Advantages, compared to a traditiona prefold:

  • better fit around your child
  • easier folding and closing
  • thanks to the "ears" it will fit during a longer time (more overlap at the front)

Advantages, compared to a fitted nappy:

  • better adjustment to the "morphology of your child. Fits for every child.
  • it is flat, so it dries quicker
  • cheaper

Sizes (in cm without ears):
size S: ca 3-7kg, 26x35cm
size M: ca 6-14 kg, 30x40cm
size L: ca 13-19 kg, 35x48cm

outer layer: 100% cotton
inner layer: 80% bamboo viscose, 20% polyester

max 60 °C

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