Fluffy Nature AIO/SIO - Orange (Velcro)

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This Set

  • 1 Snap-in-one Cover
  • 1 Insert Set (3 parts!)
  • To use as a real All-in-one, or combine with extra inserts to turn into a Snap-in-one nappy.


Our flexible snap-in-one sytem consists of a cover in which absorbing inserts are snapped-in. This system can be used in several ways:

  • As a real snap-in-one: Use one cover with more insert-sets (around 5 insert-sets per cover). In case of a nappy change, you can only change the insert and re-use the cover a few times.
  • As an all-in-one nappy: for every cover you can use one insert-set. This is even easier and still very affordable.
  • A combination of the options above: use it as a snap-in-one at home and for mor ease as an all-in-one for daycare or out and about.


The cover will grow with your child from approx. 3,5 to 15kg. These covers are very leakproof, due to the double leakguards around the legs.


One insert-set consists of THREE inserts in different sizes, which can be combined with each other in a simple but ingenious way: a big 5-layered bamboo insert, a middle 5-layered bamboo insert and a small 3-layered bamboo insert. Combine them as follows:

  • For the youngest, use the middle insert, snapped into the cover
  • When your little one begins to wet a littel more: snep the small insert to the middle one and attach them to the cover together
  • For bigger children take the big and small one together or the big and middle one together and snap-in
  • For bigger wetters and naps, use all three of them snapped together in the cover.
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