Fluffy Nature bamboo insert set - pack of 10 sets

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This pack consists:

  • 10 of these sets:

This super-absorbing and flexible insert-set:

  • belongs to the Fluffy Nature snap-in-one-system
  • also is perfect in combination with nearly every pocket-nappy as super-absorbing insert
  • can also been used in parts as extra booster in other nappies

One insert-set consists of THREE inserts in different sizes, which can be combined with each other in a simple but ingenious way: a big 5-layered bamboo insert, a middle 5-layered bamboo insert and a small 3-layered bamboo insert. Combine them as follows:

  • For the youngest, use the middle insert, snapped into the cover
  • When your little one begins to wet a littel more: snep the small insert to the middle one and attach them to the cover together
  • For bigger children take the big and small one together or the big and middle one together and snap-in
  • For bigger wetters and naps, use all three of them snapped together in the cover.Material: 80% Bamboo Viscose, 20% Polyester

at maximum 60°C

Before first use
New inserts have to be prewashed at least 3 times before first use, to increase absorbancy.

These inserts are made in China. Materials have been tested and certified by independent (Bureau Veritas and SGS) and are safe for your child.

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